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 Welcome to the Future of Engineered CTx, Harnessing RNA for Safety, Versatility, and Manufacturability

RNA technologies have taken the world by storm over the pandemic and now the potential to of RNA engineering to enhance cell therapy is finally being realized.

The therapeutic potential of RNA CTx is huge, but challenges remain in cell-specific delivery, improving durability of responses, demonstrating safety and elucidating regulatory considerations to deliver for patients.

The inaugural RNA Cell Therapy Summit is the first of its kind to unite 80+ industry and academic pioneers from both the RNA and cell therapy field to bridge-the-gap between transient RNA engineering and cell therapy development.

Join industry trailblazers at Cartesian, Sanofi, Intellia, Editas, Capstan and more to future-proof your pipeline with the pinnacle of cell engineering to develop the next-generation of safer, more functional and scalable CTx through the clinic.


Your 2022 Expert Speaker Faculty:

Birgit Schultes

Senior Vice President, Cell Therapies

Intellia Therapeutics

Milos Miljkovic

Chief Medical Officer

Cartesian Therapeutics

Robert Mabry

Chief Scientific Officer

Orna Therapeutics

Artavazd Arumov


Qiming Venture Partners

Dharini Shah

Senior Research Director, Immunology

Tidal (a Sanofi Company)

Hamideh Parhiz

Research Assistant Professor of Medicine

Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania


Proud to Partner With:

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What attendees from other RNA/Cell Therapy meetings have to say:

sana biotechnology

“An outstanding conference to understand where we are in the field, the challenges and opportunities.” Jagesh Shah, Vice President, Gene Therapy Technologies, Sana Biotechnology

“Inspiring to meet like-minded scientists discussing the trials, concerns and successes” 

Brett Staahl, Co-Founder & Vice President – Platform, Scribe Therapeutics

scribe therapeutics

I connected with colleagues that I didn't know before and learned a lot about the current state of mRNA development/manufacturing and the existing pain points in the industry.” Marc Sauer, Chief Science Officer, BioVectra

Who Attends the RNA and Cell Therapy Event Series?

Welcome to the RNA CTx Summit

While CTx is rapidly becoming the 3rd pillar of medicine, and RNA engineering promises improved safety, functionality and scalability profiles to accelerate to approval. Now is the time to gather this burgeoning community together to overcome the specific challenges associated with RNA CTx development to accelerate these promising therapies through the value chain.

Experts will unite over three days, including two deep-dive workshops, dedicated Q&As, interactive panel discussions and highly appraised networking opportunities to meet and learn from the pioneers taking this field forward.

Tackle the top 5 priorities in the field, including:

Progress cell-specific RNA delivery methods for efficient CTx transfection and prevent off-target toxicity with BioNTech, Gamida Cell and Targovax

Explore RNA modifications to drive durable therapeutic responses with transient RNA effects with Intellia Therapeutics, Editas and SQZ Biotech

Overcome immunogenicity and elucidate the pathway from bench to benchside to accelerate to approval with Cartesian, Lupagen and Sanofi

Enhance analytical and process development to optimize purity levels and meet quality attributes to satisfy regulators with Tidal (a Sanofi Company), Sana Biotechnologies and Cartesian Therapeutics

Network with cell & RNA therapy developers & investors to understand the current landscape, navigate IP hurdles & showcase your platforms with Exacis, Rothwell Figg and Qiming Venture Partners


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